Natural Dog Food

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Fresh in the fridge

Found in your supermarket pet food fridge, the 4Legs Natural Dog Food range is served to your dog as fresh as the day it was made.

Real, natural food

With pure meat, fresh vegies and herbs it’s just like feeding your dog a home cooked meal but without the fuss!

  • Gourmet Recipe with Turkey, Pumpkin and Broccoli 1.3kg

  • Gourmet Chicken with Cheese and Parsley 300g

  • Gourmet Meatballs with Angus Beef, Sweet Potato and Green Beans 300g

  • Nourishing chicken dog roll with salmon, vegies, fruit and brown rice 1.4kg

  • Delicious meatballs with beef, vegies, fruit and macaroni 870g

  • Wholesome meatballs with kangaroo, vegies and fruit 870g

  • Scrumptious chicken meatballs with vegies, fruit and rice 870g

  • Gourmet Recipe with Lamb, Beetroot and Green Beans

  • Gourmet Recipe with Chicken and Salmon with Pumpkin and Parsley

  • Gourmet Recipe with Angus Beef, Sweet Potato & Green Beans 1.3kg