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Our Family’s Recipe for Happy Dogs!

4Legs Natural Dog Food is the only chilled, meatball range with a 100% Preservative FREE guarantee. Found in your supermarket meat fridge, the 4Legs Natural Dog Food range is served to your dog as fresh as the day it was made. With pure meat, fresh vegies and herbs it’s just like feeding your dog a home cooked meal but without the fuss!

4Legs Natural with Beef, Vegies & Macaroni 900g Tray4Legs Natural Chicken with Vegies & Pasta 900g Tray4Legs Natural Chicken with Vegies & Rice 900g Tray
4Legs Natural Grain-Free with Lamb, Coconut & Vegies 900g Tray4Legs Natural Puppy 3 Meat with Sweet Potato 900g Tray

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