Gourmet Recipe

with Angus beef,
sweet potato and
green beans

High in iron, high protein and highly natural!

Delicious and tasty, the latest addition to our Gourmet Recipe range has been created to cater to fussy dogs and large breeds.

Packed with real meat and enticing ingredients, they are sure to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. Like all our products, Gourmet Recipe is made from fresh ingredients and contains no preservatives, colours, flavours, salt or sugar.


  • Suitable for adult dogs and fussy pets!
    A complete and balanced meal even the fussiest of dogs
  • Low allergenic and high in protein
    Perfect for sensitive tummies and skin conditions
  • A complete & balanced meal
    Meets the AAFCO Nutrient Profile for Adult Dog Maintenance.
  • 100% Preservative Free
    No added preservatives, colours, artificial flavours, salt or sugar.
  • Tasty Gourmet Recipes
    Catering to the fussiest eaters, Gourmet Recipe is packed with real meat and enticing, flavourful (real) ingredients.

Storing suggestion:

  • Because 4Legs contains no preservatives, its freshness is only retained if kept chilled below 4°C.
  • Once the product has been opened, we recommend consuming within 3-4 days.
  • 4Legs can be frozen. Simply freeze until needed and then consume within 3-4 days of thawing.


75.2% Meat (Chicken, Angus Beef), 17.7% Wheat Flour, 5.2% Vegetables (Sweet Potato, Carrots, Green Beans), 1.3% Natural Gelling Agents, 0.4% Vitamins and Minerals, 0.1% Flaxseed Oil, 0.1% Parsley.

Nutritional composition:

Feeding guide:

This is intended as a rough guide for feeding 4Legs on a daily basis. This guide does not take into account other products you may be using.

It is important to remember that like humans, dogs (even of the same size and breed) may metabolise their food differently. For this reason we cannot guarantee this guide will suit your dog. Please monitor your dog’s weight and adjust the feeding amount accordingly.