Our Sustainability vision

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously.
Our aim is to provide fresh, natural pet food in 100% closed loop, recyclable packaging within the next two years

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Where we are at

Our production team is constantly working on improvements to make our manufacturing processes more efficient and sustainable. This includes implementing comprehensive recycling systems, developing methods for waste diversion and reduction, and working closely with suppliers to improve packaging.

Where possible we are changing our packaging over to a recycled and recyclable packaging made from up to 50% post-consumer waste.

This means you can put our trays in your yellow recycling bin, and take your soft plastic cover to your local Redcycle or soft-plastics recycling drop off point.


Our team is constantly working on overcoming challenges and improving our processes.

Because our products are fresh, constant packaging development is required to ensure the quality of our food isn’t compromised.

Unfortunately, we’ve recently had to take a step back from recycled packaging on our Natural Chicken Meatballs product in order to ensure we appropriate sealing and avoid possible contamination. We are working hard with our suppliers to find a more sustainable solution and will let customers know as soon as this is resolved.

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Reusable Lid and Roll Cap

Our reusable lid fits our 870g and 1.4kg meatball tray varieties, is dishwasher safe and is a great alternative to plastic wrap. It helps keep your 4Legs fresh in the fridge.

Likewise our roll cap keeps the open section of our roll fresh and even allows you to stand the roll up on it’s end, saving space in your fridge!

Order your lid or roll cap here

Waste management

Aside from improvements to materials and packaging we have made large scale  developments in our manufacturing and production to improve waste management.

This includes implementing new policies and technologies that allow us to generate less waste and improve management.

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Our commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant

We work with Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation to make improvements to keep waste materials out of landfill and utilise more sustainable packaging.

We have been recognised for our sustainable packaging design and comprehensive recycling systems and our extensive efforts to embed sustainability principles within our company values and amongst suppliers and customers.

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