Creating moments of connection: Converstation

By December 7, 2021Feels Good, Happy dogs, Health, Wellness
Talking to your dog is the foundation for a strong bond.

In our Creating Connection series we explore simple ways you can strengthen your bond with your pet.

Dogs are clever; they are good at understanding us, following our instructions and it often seems like they can read our emotions and minds.

Being able to communicate with your dog is the foundation for building a strong bond.

We all have a ‘doggy voice’ we use when we are talking to our pup, and our dogs’ respond to this voice because their ears prick up, they look at us and sometimes they do that adorable head tilt like they’re trying to figure out what we’re on about.

While it might seem silly at times, research shows that speaking to dogs makes them want to spend more time with us*.

Dogs are great at associating your tone with your actions. When you speak to your dog in happy, dog-directed speech they know that affection and rewards will follow and this builds your bond.

How to talk to your dog:

Use dog-directed speech – simple language, higher pitch and exaggerated emotion – to capture their attention. This is great for training.

Use your dog’s name when you are speaking to them

Make eye contact and use simple language