Benefits of bone broth for dogs

By September 10, 2020Happy dogs
benefits of bone broth for dogs

The benefits of bone broth: rich in vitamins, minerals and collagen bone broth is a great addition to your dog’s diet.

A golden elixir that’s packed full of goodness, bone broth is a delicious addition to your dog’s diet.

Bone broth is the broth that is made from simmering the bones and connective tissue of animals for a long period of time. This process helps to release vital nutrients and creates a powerful supplement with many health benefits.

It’s great general health and wellbeing and can also assist with recovery from illness or surgery. It’s excellent for sensitive tummies and can help entice fussy dogs to eat their dinner.

What are the benefits of bone broth?

Bone broth can provide a nutritional boost for dogs at all levels of health. Benefits include:

  • Highly nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals
  • Good for gut health – important for digestion and immune system support
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrients – provides support for joint health
  • Collagen – excellent for skin, coat and bone health
  • Hydration boosting
  • Easy to digest and absorb

How do I use bone broth?

Chilled out chicken gravy 500g

4Legs Chilled Out Chicken Gravy is the easy way to add the benefits of bone broth to your dog’s diet.

You could spend hours making your own bone broth, or you could use 4Legs Chilled Out Chicken Gravy!

Made from over 90% chicken bone broth, it’s packed full of goodness and tastes great.

Our gravy also contains an added GaboceanTM Wellness Boost, making it a supercharged, highly nutritious meal topper and supplement.

Supplements provide a nutritional boost for dogs at all levels of health. They can assist in the recovery from surgery or illness, exposure to environmental elements, physical activity and general wellbeing.

Our GaboceanTM Wellness Boost provides a vital dose of natural botanicals clinically proven to assist in the management of stress and anxiety in situations such as aloneness/separation, vet consultations, environment changes, transport, and learning.

Adding a nutritional topper like our 4Legs Chilled Out Chicken Gravy to your 4Legs meatballs, dry food or your dog’s raw food diet can help your dog thrive.

How to use 4Legs Gravy:

  • Pour over 4Legs meatballs for an added health and flavour boost
  • Add to raw food, dry food or kibble to boost hydration and improve gut health
  • Freeze in ice blocks for a tasty summer treat
  • Serve as is!

4Legs Chilled Out Chicken Gravy is available at Woolworths