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By April 14, 2016November 3rd, 2021Dr Felicity
vet recommended dog food for superior nutrition

It’s been a long time since I said hello so I’d like to reintroduce myself and stay in touch this time!

My name is Felicity Banks and I am the resident vet here at 4Legs. I was drawn to 4Legs because of their commitment to natural additive-free pet food made from high quality ingredients. I already knew the food was yummy because before I became part of the 4Legs team I had been feeding the original product to my dogs for over ten years!

I am passionate (perhaps obsessive!) about animals and proper nutrition for my whole family including my own pets and young children. I am also a real person with a real job and a busy family. Pet owners are often busy people, just like me, and as a vet I feel that access to convenient pet food that is not over-processed junk is extremely important for the health of our pets.

For me, the opportunity to become part of a team that made real, minimally processed pet food was too good to refuse and after several years with 4Legs, I have a true passion and enthusiasm for the food we make and a strong belief in the quality of our products. It is my mission, along with 4Legs, to continue to provide fresh, natural pet food alternatives that are actually good for our pets.

I have four very special dogs, all different shapes and sizes and each with their own unique story. Over the next little while I would like to introduce you to each of them and invite you to come with us on our 4Legs journey of pet ownership and excellent nutrition.

Dr. Felicity Banks Credentials

Dr. Felicity Banks is a small animal veterinarian with eight years of experience in general practice. She has a special interest in animal nutrition, preventative medicine and holistic care for pets. She holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Diploma of Research Methods from James Cook University and a Certificate in Natural Animal Nutrition from the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapy.


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