What does natural mean?

October 15, 2020

We believe natural means simple, real food recipes

At 4Legs our food philosophy is simple: we believe in a diet that is full of fresh meat and vegetables, an appropriate amount of health grains and essential vitamins and minerals -that’s it!

We believe that natural means creating food packed full of fresh Australian meat, fish, veggies and fruit – it’s delicious and nutritious.

However, not all natural products are created equal. Some brands claim to be natural but still use colours to disguise discolouration or high amounts of sugar and salt to preserve their food.

At 4Legs we have nothing to hide, we don’t add preservatives, artificial colours or flavours or added salt or sugar.

This is why you may occasionally notice some variation the appearance or texture of our products.

Variations in colour
We could add colour-fixing nitrite preservatives or disguise this discolouration by adding colours to our product, but we don’t. We believe in creating a natural, fresh product, free from any additives. Occasionally you might notice a discolouration on our roll products, you can find out why here.

Variations in texture
You might notice an occasional difference in the texture of some of our products – don’t worry it’s totally normal! Because we add whole, fresh ingredients to our food, the consistency of these ingredients can change depending on what is in season, weather conditions and growing location. We do our best to ensure consistency in our ingredients and work closely with our local suppliers to ensure we receive ingredients of a high standard.

What’s not normal?
If you notice a strange/unpleasant smell or texture, please get in touch. Unfortunately there are rare occasions where packaging is compromised or product is improperly refrigerated.

The benefits of a natural and balanced diet are the same for both humans and dogs; eating fresh whole foods and avoiding additives, preservatives and artificial colours and flavours helps support good health.