When do I switch my puppy to 4Legs
adult dog food?

May 31, 2021

Puppies are ready to be gradually transitioned to adult food once they reach about 80% of their expected mature (adult) body weight.

Small dogs grow faster than larger dogs, so small dogs will reach 80% of their mature weight and be ready to be weaned onto adult dog food at a younger age than large dogs.  The following is a guide to the approximate age at which different types of dogs should be gradually transitioned to adult dog food (this is best done gradually over a period of about a month by blending increasing quantities of adult food with the puppy food).

Expected Adult Body WeightAge of Transition to Adult Food
Less than 5kg7 months +
5kg to 25kg12 months +
25kg to 50kg18 months +

The above is intended as a rough guide.  Please contact us if you need more specific information regarding your puppy.