Did you spot the real deal?

Are you able to spot the real image?

If you guessed number 2. You have a keen eye for natural talent. We hope you’re just clever when selecting natural dog food.
However sometimes we know marketing can blur the lines a little and spotting the real from the artificial can get a bit tricky.
So, we’re unleashing the truth about natural dog food and here to tell you that not all natural is created equal.

Not all natural is created equal

When it comes to feeding our furry companions we all want the best, but how can you tell what’s real and what’s just marketing fluff? We’re unleashing the truth about natural dog food…

Real nutrition vs sneaky tricks
Great nutrition doesn’t need to be a mystery. We know that dogs thrive on a diet full of fresh meat and vegetables, an appropriate amount of healthy grains and essential vitamins and minerals – that’s it!

Some pet food brands claim to be natural, but are adding a bunch of nasties to extend shelf life and boost colours. Great, natural food doesn’t need added salt, sugar, artificial colours and flavours or preservatives.All 4Legs products are formulated without the need for any of these added nasties.

Tail-wagging digestion vs tummy troubles
Gassy toots and upset tummies? Artificial additives and heavily processed products are notorious culprits for digestive issues like excessive gassiness, diarrhea . No thanks! A natural dog food like 4Legs is gentle on your dogs’ belly. Simple, whole ingredients are easy to digest, meaning no more stinky farts and better overall health and wellbeing. 

Allergy relief vs itchy skin
The root of itchy skin, paws or ears can very often be traced back to your dog’s diet. Pets can be allergic to ingredients like dyes, colours, flavours and preservatives. 4Legs is free from nasties but also high Omega 3 & 6 to support skin health and help your dog’s coat stay glossy and healthy.

Trusted ingredients vs mystery mixes
Would you eat something without knowing what’s in it? Some ingredient lists might leave you scratching your head trying to understand what’s actually in there! When choosing a natural dog food it’s important that you can see real ingredients that you can trust.

The natural choice
At 4Legs we are a family of committed dog lovers who take great pride in creating exceptionally delicious and nutritious food to help your cherished pet live a longer, healthier and happier life. To find out more about our great range, and stockists near you visit our product page. Click here