Can I freeze 4Legs?

March 20, 2020

Great news, all our products can be frozen!

Because our food is 100% preservative free, please follow the following storage and handling guidelines to ensure your 4Legs remains fresh and tasty.

Freezing 4Legs
If you don’t think you will use a pack of 4Legs within 3 days, freezing in portion sizes is a great option. This helps to cut down on waste and defrosting time.

To defrost
Move portion into your fridge the night before serving; or
Defrost in your microwave using the appropriate setting.

Please note
While frozen foods can remain safe indefinitely when the temperature of a freezer is set at -18ºC or lower, we recommend 3-4 months as the maximum freezing time to maintain the quality of 4Legs products in a household freezer.

Don’t forget

  • Keep your 4Legs frozen
  • Once open, please use within three days
  • Use your feels good lid to help maintain freshness
  • Follow our tips above for freezing