Tips for keeping 4Legs fresh!

By May 5, 2015November 3rd, 2021News
Keeping 4Legs fresh

Check packet is ‘sucked in’

Ensure 4Legs is fresh at the supermarket by looking to see if the packet is well ‘sucked in’.  The top label should be concave, not loose or puffed up. In addition, check to make sure there is time left on the use by date.

Use within 3 days or freeze

Being fresh and preservative free, 4Legs should be treated like any other meat or fresh food product.  If you’re not planning to immediately open and use the food, please freeze it.  If you have a small dog, you may wish to open and divide the pack into portions first.

Use your lid!

Cover up your 4Legs in the fridge to help keep it fresh.  Your lid will also allow you to store other things on top of the 4Legs packet, saving space in your fridge!  If you don’t have a lid yet, request one here.

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