You can be assured that at 4Legs we take food safety very seriously.

Local, Trusted and Quality Suppliers

We work hard to ensure all our ingredients are sourced from trusted, quality local suppliers and all our meat is purchased from human grade abattoirs.

Food safety is our highest priority and a such we are certified Pet Food Industry Association (PFIAA) members, PrimeSafe audited and Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified.

PrimeSafe audited

PrimeSafe is the Statutory Authority responsible for regulating meat, poultry, seafood and pet food in Victoria, Australia. PrimeSafe’s primary objective is the provision of safe, wholesome products for all consumers.

Safe Quality Food (SQF)

Safe Quality Food safety and quality certification is a rigorous farm-to-fork safety and quality certification. It provides consumers with assurance that their food product meet the highest possible global food safety standards.

PFIAA members

The PFIAA advocates for pet food safety and regulation across Australia. 4Legs has been a long time member of the association and all 4Legs products meet the voluntary Australian standard for pet food safety (AS5812. 2017).

Our promise to our customers is that we will always be committed to providing only a natural additive-free pet food made from high quality ingredients that is certified safe for dogs.

Australian Standard PFIAA badge

Australian Standard 5812 for Pet Food

Pet owners are now provided with considerable information on pet food packaging to help them decide which foods are appropriate for their pet dog or cat. The development of Australian Standard 5812 and the widespread adoption of the Standard by PFIAA members (who provide over 95% of packaged, commercial pet foods in Australia) means that all Australian pet owners can have confidence on the extensive information provided on-label. It means even more peace of mind when choosing your pet’s meals.