Merlot is a #happydog!

By October 4, 2016January 23rd, 2017Happy dogs, Happy dogs, News

Recently we received a wonderful letter from Lisa Horner in NSW. Lisa wrote to tell us about her dog, Merlot. Here’s Merlot’s story…

Merlot, the black Cavoodle, is our much loved family pet. However, two years ago, Merlot was bitten by a paralysis tic when she was only a few months old.

At the time, she completely refused to eat food as she would simply vomit it back up. It was a traumatic experience both for Merlot and us, her family, as we were unaware what was actually hiding beneath her fur.

Ever since this traumatic event, Merlot has been an extremely fussy eater and was very picky with the food she ate. It became difficult for our family of five to make the time to prepare homemade meals for her once the convenience of being able to scoop some dry food into her bowl was taken away.

However, we have since discovered your Natural Chicken with Veggies and Pasta balls, which she absolutely adores.

At mealtime tonight, I was delighted to see that she was overwhelmed with joy when she discovered what she was being served.

This means a lot to our family, as all we wanted was a happy dog and you have provided this for us with the assurance that she is being fed only the best ingredients. I felt obliged to thank you for your product as it really has made a difference.

So from our family to yours, thank you so very much for your fresh product, which we are 100% satisfied with.

As for Merlot, she is currently curled up in a ball, asleep next to me. We are so grateful to have found your product, which we will continue to purchase each week.

Thanks Lisa and the Horner family, we’re so glad to hear Merlot is a feeling better and is a happy dog who enjoys her 4Legs!

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