Gourmet Recipe

Meatballs with Turkey, Pumpkin and Broccoli

1.3kg Tray

Introducing the latest addition to our Gourmet Recipe range, a delicious combination of fresh turkey, pumpkin and broccoli in a value sized pack.

Feed your dog the 4Legs way! Adding fresh food to your dog’s diet has never been easier. 4Legs meatballs are made from simple, natural ingredients and packed full of delicious Australian meat and veg.

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Packed with real meat and enticing ingredients, they are sure to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. Like all our products, Gourmet Recipe is made from fresh ingredients and contains no preservatives, colours, flavours, salt or sugar.


Meat (Chicken and Turkey), Wheat Flour, Vegetables (Pumpkin, Broccoli), Herb and Veg mix (Bran, Coconut, Carrot, Parsley, Garlic), Natural Gelling Agents, Vitamins & Minerals, Sunflower Oil.

  • Suitable for adult dogs and fussy pets!
    Delicious, tasty meatballs your dog will love
  • A complete & balanced meal
    Meets the AAFCO Nutrient Profile for Adult Dog Maintenance.
  • 100% Preservative Free
    No added preservatives, colours, artificial flavours, salt or sugar.
  • Tasty Gourmet Recipes
    Catering to the fussiest eaters, Gourmet Recipe is packed with real meat and enticing, flavourful (real) ingredients.


Macro Nutrient Composition (per 100g)
Min Crude Protein 10.0%
Min Crude Fat 8.0%
Max Salt (NaCl) 0.3%


Weight of dog Serving Suggestion Per Day
5kg – 10kg 250g – 400g
15kg – 25kg 570g – 830g
30kg – 50kg 960g – 1400g

This is intended as a rough guide for feeding 4Legs on a daily basis.
This guide does not take into account other products you may be using.

It is important to remember that like humans, dogs (even of the same size and breed) may metabolise their food differently. For this reason we cannot guarantee this guide will suit your dog. Please monitor your dog’s weight and adjust the feeding amount accordingly.

Wellness boost

This product contains Pro’Age™; a blend of natural botanicals that provide a boost of antioxidants to help your dog live a longer, happier and healthier life. Click here to learn more

Now recyclable

The bottom tray of this package is made with PET plastic. This most recyclable type of plastic and can be added to your recycle bin.

Made with recycled plastic

Up to 50% of our tray has been made using plastic from recycled drink bottles. We are working hard to close the loop when it comes to packaging sustainability.

Free lid for freshness

Did you know you can order a free lid to cover your 4Legs tray and help keep your meatballs fresher for longer? Order here

Australian made and owned

We make this product ourselves from our premises in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. We control what goes in so that you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product.

Fresh meat vegies

Our recipes are made with fresh meat as the #1 ingredient.  They have also been updated to included more local, fresh vegetables and fruit.

No preservatives

No artificial colours or flavours

No added salt or sugar