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We’re on a mission to make Aussie dogs healthier! It’s why our products are made fresh and served fresh every day. It’s also why we’re making it super simple for you to make a positive difference to your dog’s health and happiness, with our free feeding calculator.

Simply fill in your dog’s name, weight, ideal weight, and select their level of activity and life stage, to discover the ideal 4legs dog food feeding plan for your best mate, no matter their size, or their needs.

Trust us, your dog will taste and feel the difference, and you’ll both be better for it.

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Your Dog’s Feeding Guide with 4 Legs


  • Feed the amount indicated by calculator daily (you can split this amount up into several meals)
  • 40 mins exercise
  • 2 fresh bowls of water

The benefits of a natural and balanced diet is the same for humans and dogs; eating fresh, whole foods and avoiding the addition of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours helps support good health and wellbeing.


  • Feed amount 50% of the amount indicated by calculator
  • Feed 50% of the recommended serving of your kibble
  • 40 mins exercise
  • 2 fresh bowls of water

Adding one fresh meal a day is easy with our delicious meatballs. Your dog will feel taste and feel the difference!


  • Feed amount 50% of the amount indicated by calculator
  • Feed 50% of the recommended serving of your kibble
  • Feed 20g of gravy for every 1kg, three times per week
  • 40 mins exercise
  • 2 fresh bowls of water

Our delicious Chilled Out Chicken Gravy makes meal times more exciting. This tasty topper is made from 90% chicken bone broth and includes a Wellness Boost to support emotional wellbeing.

This is intended as a rough guide for feeding 4Legs on a daily basis.
This guide does not take into account other products you may be using.

It is important to remember that like humans, dogs (even of the same size and breed) may metabolise their food differently. For this reason we cannot guarantee this guide will suit your dog. Please monitor your dog’s weight and adjust the feeding amount accordingly.


Made from all natural ingredients

Making small changes, daily, can make a huge difference to your dog’s health and happiness. So, start your 4legs Way journey by trying out our free feeding calculator. It’s been purposely designed to show you how simple it is to introduce fresh, healthy food, every day, into your dog’s feeding plan. Like our new and improved 4Legs Natural +Wellness range. Packed full of Australian meat, fish, veggies and fruit, it’s been created to help your dog live a longer, healthier and happier life — with an added Wellness Boost for vitality and wellbeing. It’s a delicious and nutritious meal for even the fussiest of dogs, and the busiest of owners.

Feed your dog the 4 Legs way

Make your dog’s day with the 4 Legs way! It’s as simple as ONE fresh meal every day, TWO fresh bowls of water daily, a high nutrient supplement THREE times a week, and FOURTY minutes of exercise every day.

MADE FRESH, SERVED FRESH! In your supermarket pet fridge.

For further information or help on adding 4legs fresh dog food into your pup’s feeding plan, just drop us a line on


Made with Gabocean™

Our Gabocean™ Wellness Boost contains sustainably sourced fish peptides from the Gadidae species; known to have biologically adapted to thrive in a high stress environment.

Gabocean™ is clinically proved to support your dog’s wellbeing in stressful situations including transport, separation and learning… FEELS GOOD!