Creating connection: a feel good recipe

By December 7, 2021Feels Good, Health, Wellness
Creating connection is a vital part of our wellbeing

Good nutrition and regular exercise are essential for maintaining your dog’s physical health, but taking care of their mental and emotional wellbeing is also essential for overall health.

Our pets are not only our companions, but our secret-keepers, therapists and travel buddies – we share a real and enduring bond. Regularly connecting with our pets strengthens our bond and has well-documented benefits for us all.

Dogs can help increase your physical activity and can add structure and routine to your day. They also help to reduce anxiety and provide companionship and can be great for helping you meet new people (dog people are always friendly and up for a chat). A dog helps you stay connected and find meaning and joy in life.

It’s important we take time out from our busy days to properly connect and engage with our treasured pets, because research shows it’s great for their wellness and ours too.

In this series, we look at three simple ways you can create moments of connection with your pet each day. Our feel good recipe for creating connection includes:

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