Best Reviewed Dog Food in Australia

See why our customers love our products as the best awarded dog food.

My dogs loves this gourmet recipe, she eats all of her food and never leaves anything for later on. It is easy to store and dish up. You offer a free lid, this will come in handy.

Good nutritional food, from natural ingredientsParkinson - Product Review

We’re thrilled to announce that our 4Legs Natural+Wellness range has been voted the winner
(Pet Care category)
in the 2021 Product of the Year awards!

Over 8,000 Australian shoppers cast their votes for their favourite supermarket products in the annual awards, 2021 and we are delighted to have been recognised as the best awarded dog food. Our family has worked hard to create a recipe that combines fresh Australian meat, vegies and fruit, with clinically proven, natural wellness supplements to support healthy aging, vitality and assist in the management of anxiety. The range also highlights our commitment to sustainability, featuring recycled and recyclable packaging – made from minimum 50% recycled drink bottles.


Product of the Year category winners undergo a rigorous testing process. A panel of judges, comprising various industry experts, first test products for quality, credibility and innovation. Resulting finalists are then reviewed and voted on by 9,000 Australians based on six criteria, including relevance, uniqueness, excitement, likeability, distinctiveness and innovation. The winner in our category is then the best awarded dog food.

At 4Legs we love dogs and take great pride in creating a high quality, delicious and nutritious food to help your cherished pet live a longer, healthier and happier life. Instead of telling you how great our pet food is, we thought we’d share what our fabulous community of users have to say about it!

We found the food to be fresh, high in nutrients and our dog Oscar (who's a food snob!) loves the range. This is also a great affordable option for those on a budget.

Fresh, healthy and our dog Oscar loves it!

My dog goes crazy for this food, she almost does backflips when she sees some added to her biscuits. She loves the kangaroo too. She has never had any reaction.

My dogs favourite

We have four doggos, and this is the only wet god food that they all consistently love. Have tried all the other flavors, but the kangaroo is their favorite by far. Added bonus for us since its so easy to serve, and good value for $ as well thank you x

Very happy puppers

My dog loves all of the meatball range! He eats it every night for dinner and is always eager for more! Glad to have found a dog food that he loves this much!

My dog loves it!

My dog is very fussy and has skin problems. He loves the lamb with beetroot and green beans and he scratches less. I also like that I can get it at the supermarket with the rest of my shopping.

My fussy dog loves this