Merlot is a #happydog!

Recently we received a wonderful letter from Lisa Horner in NSW. Lisa wrote to tell us about her dog, Merlot. Here’s Merlot’s story… Merlot, the black Cavoodle, is our much loved family pet. However, two years ago, Merlot was bitten by a paralysis tic when she was only a few months old. At the time, […]

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Coming soon: Kangaroo Plus 5

You may have noticed 4Legs products have had a bit of a facelift over the last few months! We’ve been listening to customer feedback and refreshed the look and feel of the 4Legs Natural Dog Food range. As a result of these changes, our VetPro5 product is now called Kangaroo Plus5. The recipe and product […]

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Dr Felicity’s topics – Introducing Bruce Buzman Kawaja and house training an adult dog

I adopted Bruce by accident. Eight months prior to his arrival at our place, I had met him  when he came in to the vet clinic where I was working. He had been very lucky, selected at the pound for rescue from a huge number of less fortunate, unwanted dogs. He had been dropped off […]

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Meet Scrappy Coco – Dr Felicity’s topics

Animal welfare is very important to me and I have always been very drawn to animal rescue and rehabilitation. As a vet, I have always been involved in fostering and volunteer work for rescue organisations. My second day as a new graduate saw me bring home six abandoned four-week old puppies and a weak juvenile […]

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Meet Stolli – Dr Felicity’s Topics

Stolli is my old faithful girl. She is a beautiful red Staffordshire Terrier who has been my constant companion for over 14 years.  She has been a typical staffy – an affectionate, super-attached, snuggly, crazy, chewy, ball-loving, fetch-obsessed grunter who has never shown any interest in doing anything but follow me around.  Everywhere.  Including the […]

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Getting to know 4Legs Resident VET Dr Felicity Banks – Dr Felicity’s Topics

It’s been a long time since I said hello so I’d like to reintroduce myself and stay in touch this time! My name is Felicity Banks and I am the resident vet here at 4Legs. I was drawn to 4Legs because of their commitment to natural additive-free pet food made from high quality ingredients. I […]

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How to Feed your Dog – Dr Felicity’s Topics

One of the most common queries I receive is how much food do I feed my dog? In particular, you have been asking how to work out portion sizes when 4Legs, dry food and table scraps are being fed as well.  The answer to this question is never straightforward because determining the calorie requirement for […]

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4Legs dog food rolls contain less water and more meat!

4Legs All Natural dog food rolls contain less water than most chilled dog food rolls in the supermarket. This means your dog gets more meat per 100g than rolls with a higher water content. Next time you’re comparing rolls at the supermarket, try our squeeze test – Squeeze the rolls to see which are firmer […]

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Angus Beef Roll – Now available in Woolworths!

4Legs with Angus Beef Roll

The 4Legs All Natural with Angus Beef Dog Roll is coming to a Woolworths store near you!  The product will be available from the pet food fridge from 20th May 2015. 

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As seen on TV

Check out the 4Legs All Natural TV Commercial: Our veterinary expert Dr Felicity Banks chooses 4Legs All Natural dog food for her pets because it contains fresh meat and vegetables and is free of harmful additives such as preservatives and artificial colours. “It’s just like a home-cooked meal for your dog, without the fuss.”

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